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alias_love's Journal

2 May
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Welcome to my live journal. I'm a sophomore at WHS. My life is crazy, but isn't everyone's? I'm 15, I love to act and sing. I have a youner brother, a dog, and a cat. A boyfriend named Sam. I play the flute and love to read. I have amazing friends, and clearly tons to write about. So read it, enjoy it, and leave me a comment sometime. Thanks! =D
21 jumpstreet, 7th heaven, a walk to remember, acting, alias, america's next top model, american idol, anastasia, ann brashares, aragorn, attractive male celebrities, barkley, barnes and noble, beauty and the beast, billy boyd, books, boy meets world, broadway musicals, cabins, captain jack sparrow, chanhassan dinner theater, cheese curds, chicago the movie, chick flicks, chinese food, chocolate, coke products, concerts, country music, dance dance revolution, daniel radcliffe, dead poet's society, desperate housewives, disney, dominic monaghan, elijah wood, english class, evita, ewan mcgregor, fairy tales, ferris bueller's day off, finding neverland, flip flops, food courts, football, foreign accents, friends, frodo, full house, funny words, george w. bush, gerard butler, gilmore girls, god, goo goo dolls, gummi bears, harry potter, hercules, hobbits, hot cocoa, hugs, inside jokes, jk rowling, john grisham, johnny depp, keith urban, kenny chesney, late-night talks, les misérables, listening to the radio, literature, live theatre, lord of the rings, maroon 5, meg cabot, michael vartan, moulin rouge, mountain dew, mountains, movies, msn, music, musicals, mythology, nail polish, naming inanimate objects, ocean's 11, olive garden, owatonna, pajamas, parks, peanut butter m&m's, peter pan, phantom of the opera, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, poker, pretty woman, prince cornelius, rain, reading, red lobster, relient k, rob thomas, scotland, series of unfortunate events, shakespeare, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, singing, skinny dipping, sleeping late, snl, soundtracks, star wars, subway, talking on the phone, tanning, that thing you do, the breakfast club, the lion king, the notebook, the orpheum, the princess bride, the princess diaries series, the sound of music, theater, thrift stores, thumbelina, to kill a mockingbird, trout lake camp, viggo mortensen, west side story, wicked, zilch